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Quad Cities Style

Knuckles Pizza

Serving the Greater Peoria Area Since 2011

Our Story 

In Crust We Trust


Knuckles Pizza has been family-owned and operated in the Peoria Area since 2011. We work hard to make life more delicious with the best pizza on Earth. Our Quad Cities style pizza is close to our hearts, and we find it is best enjoyed with live music and sports (depending on the time of day or night). Our amazing success has allowed us to completely renovate our restaurant and add a beautiful bar and outdoor patio for the perfect casual dining experience. Up next is a beer garden and a banquet venue at our unique location at the edge of Dunlap and North Peoria, just next to the Wheels of Time Museum. Our Knuckles Pizza team proudly invites you, your family and your friends to come relax at our warm, welcoming, wide open space!


Pizza, Live Music & Sports

These are a few of our favorite things. We pour our talents, energy and taste into bringing all three together in the best possible ways. Click the link below for a full list of upcoming events and live music being played at Knuckles Pizza.

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